Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society

CNFS Election 2020 Nomination Open

Dear all Namaste,

We would like to announce the CNFS executive committee (2020-2022) election and its process on behalf of CNFS decision and bylaws on the period of 7th General Assembly of Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society is going to be organized by CNFS on following Date, Time and Venue.

Date: August 23, 2020
We ,Sincerely thanks to all CNFS family for giving us an opportunity and responsibility to complete the CNFS executive committee (2020-2022) election. We proudly take this and also fully committed on this regards. As per our responsibility we have concluded the following criteria to be an eligible candidate for the different positions. It is the intent of these guidelines to keep the amount of campaigning and electioneering for this election with the reasonable limits and to assist in the maintenance of a spirit of collegiality and essential fairness in such election. We hope all CNFS members will participate on this election process to elect a perfect Executive Committee of CNFS for 2020-2022 terms.
Please kindly Visit CNFS website for nomination form and payment information.

1 President
2 Senior Vice President
3 Vice President 2
4 Vice President 3
5 General Secretary
6 Secretary
7 Treasurer
8 Executive Member
9 Executive Member
10 Executive Member
11 Executive Member
12 Executive Member
13 Executive Member
14 Executive Member
15 Executive Member
Nomination and election process – Eligibility-Criteria/Appropriateness/Restrictions
– All candidates should be CNFS valid member.
– All candidates must bound by the CNFS by laws and election committee rules and regulation
– All candidates must be age of 18 years or above
– All Candidates must be resident of Chicago land (Chicago and it’s all suburbs), Illinois
– All Candidates must be Nepali or Nepali origin
– All Candidates should be clear on financial due records, with CNFS
– For the president position-(a) candidates should have completed as any of CNFS executive positions in the previous or recent terms.(b) all the founder general members and also advisors members (at any term) of CNFS are eligible for this position.
– One eligible candidate shall nominate for only one position
– Members should be physically present on election with Valid Id/Passport on site for voting
– Candidates can give his/her nomination online but candidate should be available physically on Election
– Candidates must provide his/her valid email id, physical address, and contact phone no at the time of nomination.
-The candidates are not allowed to do their election campaign inside the venue. No banner and poster allowed in the venue.
– First come first vote.No one shall vote on behalf of absence voters, every individual voters must be physically present.
– Winner will be decided with higher votes.
-All nomination fees are non-refundable.
– Any question relative to the elections must be raised on time of election committee given.
– The nomination fees are as follows: for President $300, Senior Vice President-$250,Vice President (2)-$225,
Vice President(3)-$200,General Secretary-$200,Secretary-150,Treasurer-$100,all other executive members $ 50.00

Candidacy complaints regarding violations of any of these guidelines will be addressed by the election committee.
Upon receipt of complaint, the Election committee will provide the candidate with notice and an opportunity to the allegation and/or to correct his/her report. Any contradiction, Election Committe decision will be the final decision.

Nomination and withdrawal Schedule
members list announcement date: 08/13/2020
Members claim /adjustmet 08/14/2020
Candidacy Nomination open date: 08/16/2020 (11:00 AM Central Time)
Candidacy Nomination end date: 08/17/2016 (09:59 AM central time)
(The total candidacy nomination list will be published at same day)
Candidacy withdrawal/adjustment start date: 08/18/2020 (10:00 AM Central time)
Candidacy withdrawal/adjustment end date: 08/20/2020(09:59 AM central time)
Candidacy Final list published date: 08/21/2020(10:00 AM Central time)

If you have any questions and concerns regarding CNFS election, please feel free to contact to CNFS election committee via email: or phone numbers below
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

With highest Regards

CNFS Election Committee
Khem Pathak(Chairperson )
Phone: 7735902213
Indrakant Chaudhary – Member
Phone: 3128437921
Raj Thapa– Member
Phone : 8722034091

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