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Our Team


Executive Committee

For the term of 2016-18, Chicagoland Nepali Friendship Society will be spearheaded by these elected officials.

सि एन एफ यस एक सबल सक्षम र आधुनिक प्रबिधि ले युक्त सङ्ठन बनाउनु आजको आबश्यकता बनेको छ – टेकराज पौडेल (अध्यक्ष)

Ishwori Pathak

First VP

TN Bhandari


Executive Members

Ganesh Thapa

First VP [Resigned on May 2017]

Bikram Thapa

Third VP [Resigned August 2017]

Krishna P. Bartaula

General Secretary [Resigned : May 2017]

Suman Pathak

Secretary [Resigned December 2017}

Shrijana Pathak Chapagain

[Resigned September 2017]

Rajendra P. Pangeni

[Resigned July 2017]

Manoj Chaudhary

[Resigned July 2017]

Amit Khanal

[Resigned July 2017]


Executive Committee has appointed following advisors for its tenure. Advisors will provide their feedback, expertise and insights to the executive committee on various subjects including but not limited to the governance and functioning, plans, project.